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Why mobile lashes are all the thrill!

We are seeing a surge in mobile businesses- goods, and services being brought to you. Why is that? As we get older, we realize how time flies and become more conscious of how we spend it and who we spend it with. Think of how convenient Amazon is. You place an order, and it's delivered to your doorstep quickly. You don’t have to drive to the store, find parking, find what you're looking for, wait in the checkout line, and drive back home to get what you want or need (not to mention the gas you save). It all boils down to the TIME & MONEY you save. We see this with mobile dog grooming, mobile IVs, meal delivery services, mobile car wash services, and now mobile eyelash services! If you have children, or pets at home, isn’t it easier to attend to them when you're already home? Are you a busy woman who has a hard time fitting in all your appointments in your work schedule? This is where mobile lashes come in! Our business is designed for your convenience. You save on gas & time driving to the salon, finding/paying for parking, and driving back home. A huge bonus is you are in the comfort of your own home. Not only will you save time by having your lash artist come to your home, but you will save even more time in your daily routine! It’s a win-win!

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