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are handmade volume fans. Each lightweight extension is carefully crafted into V-shaped fans of 3-6 extensions. The number of lashes used in each fan is determined by your natural lash thickness & health. Handmade fans are not damaging when applied correctly and are healthier than premade fans (I do not use premade fans). If you have naturally thin, short lashes then volume is the best option for you. If you prefer a dense look, and like the appearance of eyeliner, then volume is what you're looking for! Volume is customizable; whether you want a full glam look, or "natural" fluff, we can make them look either way.
Full set: $300.00
Standard 1 hour fill: $175.00
Touch up/half hour fill: $110.00
Max fill (1 hour 20 minutes): $200.00

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appear as voluminous mascara. Hybrid extensions add length and some density. Hybrid is a mix of classic (individual) and Russian volume extensions. If you prefer a natural, everyday look then hybrid is the best fit for you! This is also a great option for the women who like a "spikey" look with some fluffiness. 
Full set: $300.00
Standard 1 hour fill: $175.00
Touch up/half hour fill (30 mins): $110.00
Max fill (1 hour 20 mins): $200.00

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are a softer, more modern, and hydrated version of the swinging 60's "doll-look" lash trend—Favored by celebs like Kim K and Megan Fox. Imagine your spiky and textured eyelash extensions after you step out of the shower. Best suited for people with a moderate to full lash line. If you have a sparse lash line, you'll likely benefit more from fuller-volume lashes or a combination of both styles. Depending on how much texture you prefer, I can customize your lash set by varying the lash extension length and placement. Whatever your lash goal is, I can advise you on the best lash look to suit your needs.


Full set: $300.00

Standard fill (1 hour 15 mins): $185.00

Max fill (1 hour 25 mins): $210.00

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We carefully assess your natural brow growth pattern and ensure to give you the best, most defined brows that suit your face. We offer a wide range of tint color & henna dye from natural blonde, to dark brown! Rest assured, you will feel comfortable and confident with every brow service. 
Brow shaping (wax & tweeze): $40.00 / Tweeze only: $45.00.
Brow shape & tint (wax & tweeze): $50.00 / Tweeze only: $55.00.
Brow tint: $30.00
Henna brows & shaping: $55.00
Henna brows (no shaping): $40.00

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Lash Tint: $25.00
p wax: $15.00
Chin wax: $25.00
Face wax: $60.00

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