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Following the protocol I give you will increase retention of your eyelashes and brows. Eyelash extensions are an investment and I want you to get the most out of them.


  • Wash daily with eyelash shampoo. You may use the brush I provide or your fingers. Rinse well after. Do not use wipes or Q-tips. Wash lashes immediately post-workout or after playing a sport. You may need to wash your lashes twice a day.

  • Chlorinated water or salt water will leave residue on your eyelashes. Wash your lashes right after swimming.

  • Brush your lashes once to twice a day when dry, not wet. Do not constantly brush, touch, pick, or pull them. When the base of the extension is constantly manipulated, it will not last. This prevents the transfer of bacteria too.

  • Make sure your shampoo & conditioner doesn’t get into your lashes when washing your hair. When blow-drying the fringe/bang area use the cool setting. Guard your lashes when using hair spray.

  • Avoid heat and steam. Wear goggles to protect your extensions (the small ones used for tanning beds) if you get facials where steam is used. Activities including hot yoga, using a sauna, etc. will affect the retention of your lashes. When cooking or grilling, keep your face away from the heat.

  • Do not use oil-based facial products. Ensure your nighttime facial products dry completely before going to bed. Using a silk pillowcase & contoured eye mask is recommended.

  • When outside for long periods, the sun/heat will cause the adhesive to soften (boating, beach, gardening, etc.) Using sunglasses or a hat may help, but your retention may be compromised.

  • Do not use liquid, crayon, or pencil eyeliners. Use compressed powder, or eyeshadow with a dampened angle brush to apply liner. Do not apply clusters/strips on top of your extensions. Never apply mascara to your extensions. You may use mascara on the bottom lashes, but the mascara will transfer to your extensions. Use an oil-free makeup remover & wash your lashes at the end of the day to remove mascara.

  • Hormonal imbalance & stress can cause hair to shed. When crying, try to remember to wash your lashes after.

  • Surgeries, medication, and medicated eye drops may affect retention.


  • Wait until the next day to get wet, or wash. This will prolong the tint. Everyone's hair holds color differently, and the tint can last on the hair for a few days to 2 weeks.

  • UV rays from the sun will break down the tint. Protect your brows from the sun when possible.


  • Do not get brows wet for 24 hours. This allows the henna to deposit into the skin fully.

  • Do not exfoliate around or near the eyebrows. This will remove the henna from the skin.

  • Harsh chemicals, such as retinols, or facials can cause the skin to peel and the henna will not last. 

  • UV rays from the sun will break down henna. Protect your brows from the sun when possible.

If you have any questions, send us a message!

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